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Renaissance 2

28 February 2010

The only connection with Runjeva is the inspiration of the modern Kosovo ‘arts and crafts’ style of architecture.  Renaissance 2 in Pristina is a charming and functional eating house tucked away down a rough and broken concrete underpass between Pristina flats.  I love the stone blocks filling in the timber and the woven wood panels that knit together the ceiling and the solid chairs and tables that rock unsteadily on the flagged floor.  Building in Runjeva should catch this simple magic, it beats any day the rectangular concrete frames, the breeze-block infilling and the unguarded balconies.


22 February 2010

We had our first experience of ‘collective punishment’ as the Kosovo Electricity Company has decided to disconnect Runjevë from the electrity network for an indefinite period until more of the village are paying their bills. Interestingly if we were at war then the Fourth Geneva Convention would prohibit such action: (the Fourth Geneva Convention forbids collective punishment and states that a person shall not be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. This article explicitly relates to administrative punishment imposed on persons or groups because of acts that they did not personally commit), I’m curious to know if there are similar peace time provisions! Tough if you have young children and no means to keep your freezer going!


21 February 2010

by Sali Musliu

LISI by Sali Musliu

Our new painting!  We bought it at an art auction in support of the Kosovo Foundation for Mothers and Babies.  My first impression was one of liveliness and joy.  Later I understood that the leaves on the tree are the living and there are those that are fallen.  Such is war.  Each time I look at the picture it takes me deeper.  So art should.