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17 April 2010

Mary has developed a fascination for weaving.  Seized on this I arranged a loom-present for her birthday.  This woke up an interest in traditional looms, carpets, clothes, materials.  Nasmi has a vague childhood memory of his grandmother working on a carpet loom 2 1/2 metres wide.  My colleague Selatin thinks that in one of the family houses there is one still crumbling away.  The one in the picture is in the lobby of the Hotel Bistra in Macedonia.  Nasmi’s mum laughed and laughed to hear that Mary has taken to the craft.  She remembers that the difficult bit was the threading of the warp.  Sabrije has promised me a full vocabulary so that we go beyond ‘vekë = loom’ to fine Albanian words for heddle, reed, shaft and raddle.

The School Wall

17 April 2010


A big thank you to the Kosova Support Group who gave the final push and a big chunk of the money to build the wall of the Runjeva Primary School!  A big thank you too to Miss Packer’s class who paid for a big chunk too!  The playground ran right out onto the road and the earth bank was collapsing and baring the tree roots.  Now, secure, with mainly natural stone (despite the fascination with concrete as the pervasive medium).  The school land was given by the family of the guy in deep discussion: the sons and grandsons remain the protectors of all that is done.