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What you miss with central heating!

19 December 2010

When you get close to minus 20 outside and the frost creeps into the house we are rewarded with exotic patterns on the windows.


4 December 2010

We have a new debate in which we are trying to balance idea, artisanal possibility, cost, and urgency.  The issue is what railings to put around the balconies?  My dream began with the wrought and cast iron work of Bitola made on the fringe of Art Nouveau influence.  Ellie & I found the brooch above at the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum and I debated touting it around the wrought-iron men in Kosovo to ask the possibilities.  No conclusion yet.

Trial by Water

4 December 2010

In Greece it is 23⁰ and there is swimming in the sea, in the UK it is minus minus.  A   Kosovan friend teasingly posted on Facebook that the English have a problem with managing snow.  In Kosovo the forces of water, earth and fire were consulting together to bring 2 days of rains and floods.  The usually trickling stream in the 1960’s flood-control channel is rushing the woodland soil down down and away.  The new house is facing a trial by water.  The old house has spreading damp patches on walls and ceilings but that’s a great improvement on the bucket-collecting we used to do!

The Guard Dog Bengji

4 December 2010

Young Armend has a fascination for dogs.  His dream came true when ‘Oskar 2’ arrived at his doorstep.  Oskar was our name for him but within a few days the 5 year old Armend (always sure of his own mind on issues) determined that Oskar’s proper name was Bengji – his dreams of his own puppy always had that name.  So fierce Bengji is now learning to ‘ham, ham’ (Kosovan for woof, woof – who knows why dogs sound different in different countries? – and I think nothing to do with an aversion to pork) when strangers come near.  Somewhere that genetic trace of the Sharr Mountain Dog is showing its prowess.