Kamin Prity K1 M

Winter is not the best time for finishing houses.  Undeterred we have pressed on with tiling and railings and floor-covering.  One point of celebration was the first lighting of the new stove in the çardak.  We were blessed with a perfect first draw.  The few sticks and logs took flame quickly and easily, proof of a sufficient chimney.  Nazmi headed up the hill to check the exit of the smoke.  Friends came to congratulate us.  My christmas gift from Ellie (stainless steel whisky tumblers) came in to use as I dug a bottle of Glenmorange from my tool bag to toast this next step forward.  I queried the folklore and myths around the lighting of the fire and gained the reassurance that the first lighting of the stove augured well.


One Response to “Kamin Prity K1 M”

  1. Shpresa Says:

    Congratulations to your new Home.

    With those stones in Qardak it looks like Edinburgh castle,in Runjeva.
    It’s fantastic ,really Dream house.

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