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Moving House

31 July 2011

Renovation of the old house inevitably causes some disruption to the inhabitants of which mice, snakes, swallows… and wasps are all candidates for a change.  To be honest I hate wasps!  It stems back to an incident when I was 6 and innocently messing around behind the sofa when a dozy late summer wasp caught me on the thumb joint!  Later I decided that wasps joined the family of animals after the fall and not before it.  Well today may have changed that view.  I was ripping an old wire insect netting off the side window when that unmistakeable buzz sound made me careful.  For some odd reason some wasps had decided that it was sensible to build home on the wire net.  Then I watched them.  Whether it was the start of loud vibration work on the house (doubtful) or their own intelligence that their choice of home was too hot in the summer (likely) I realised that they were not building their house but nibbling it apart and taking it some where else, or just eating it.  I need a wasp expert!  Here they are in action.  Today it was definitely smaller; they are moving house.

Where Alan is

31 July 2011

On the balcony in the morning.  Hajde!

Where Mary Is

24 July 2011

The story is best told directly by Mary at so I will say little more than: one route is to follow the black arrowed line and select the fourth red dot from the bottom.

Mary’s ship tried a different route – even so – it is not easy to get there – it is still by sea – and it is a very long way away!

I edge towards what the husbands and wifes of astronauts must feel.

2 up 1 down

23 July 2011

This cute little house sits beside the 14th century castle of Novebërdë.  The castle and the house are in accelerated decay.

I noticed during my last visit to Novebërdë that someone has punched a large hole through the castle wall just above the 3/4 buried doorway  – through which you can enter the inner castle if you didn’t mind bobbing down and a short crawl.

Both the castle and the house seem caught in an impasse between the desire of the municipality to secure and protect, and then draw tourists to the castle area… and, the Institute for the Protection of Monuments which says ‘don’t touch’.  Unfortunately the castle is being chipped away, bit by bit, by careless visitors – so saying ‘don’t touch’ is way too passive.

My thought for the house…  copy it in place of the pleme (previous post)?

Seeking revitalisation of the “Pleme”

23 July 2011

“Pleme” is the regional Albanian name for a cattle shed and hay-loft.  This sad one sits at the corner of the old house.  Many of the beams past protection and only two sides of the old walls left.  And yet, still, still there must be some possibility of something new arising from the dust!

The first step is to strip it down and save what can be saved, and then?  The plan is not clear.