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Table Runners

17 July 2015


A 2-year break.  Almost forgot the site existed.  Mary has an Ashford 8-shaft table loom.  After work, as a diversion, you can sit for half an hour and throw the shuttle through some more of the warp.  The latest experiment has been two ‘weft-dominant’ designs to create table runners.  By keeping the warp taut and deliberately slackening the weft you force the weft threads to hide the warp and to create a bold tapestry pattern.  These are for the Hangjik tables.


17 April 2010

Mary has developed a fascination for weaving.  Seized on this I arranged a loom-present for her birthday.  This woke up an interest in traditional looms, carpets, clothes, materials.  Nasmi has a vague childhood memory of his grandmother working on a carpet loom 2 1/2 metres wide.  My colleague Selatin thinks that in one of the family houses there is one still crumbling away.  The one in the picture is in the lobby of the Hotel Bistra in Macedonia.  Nasmi’s mum laughed and laughed to hear that Mary has taken to the craft.  She remembers that the difficult bit was the threading of the warp.  Sabrije has promised me a full vocabulary so that we go beyond ‘vekë = loom’ to fine Albanian words for heddle, reed, shaft and raddle.